A Complete Guide to Setting Up an Indian Kitchen

The evolution of Indian foods and kitchens has been fascinating to experience and observe. It’s worth mentioning that as Indians we have an inherent mindset of how our kitchen should be, through our watches our mothers cooking in the kitchen, grandmothers’ stories, our historic movies, or our readings come across references that shed a glimmer on what has been there in the kitchen. Whether you have moved cities or country’s there are certain essentials that an Indian kitchen cannot do without. So below is my list of basic essentials to set up an Indian kitchen.

1. Utensils – A plenty of utensils will be required while setting up an Indian kitchen. Since the food options are humongous, you’ll need various kinds of stainless steel pots and pans, skillets, strainers, wide and deep pans, and saucepans are required at all times.

As Indian cuisine consists of different kinds of batter preparations, non-stick saute pans and skillets are also required.

Cooking pots (stainless steel, brass, or aluminum) in different shapes and sizes, that can withstand high temperatures are mainly required for preparing dishes that are meant for slow cooking.

Flat pans are needed for making rotis and chapattis. Likewise, mixing bowls of various sizes, cooking spoons and ladles with different shaped lids are all required in ensuring that all kinds of Indian food preparation have its own tailored cooking utensil.

The most common cooking medium in India for everyday use is stainless steel and iron. But, you can also find earthen, brass, and copper utensils. These were widely used in ancient times as food cooked in these are beneficial for human bodies, but with the passing time, these are replaced by stainless steel and iron utensils as they are long-lasting and great for everyday cooking.

2. Appliances – Although these are not mandatory in an Indian kitchen, due to today’s busy life they made some places in it. Appliances like a microwave have uses like to warm food, get food prepared quickly you can make desserts, and even make oil-free food preparations. Same way, appliances like Sandwich maker, toaster & blender are really handy. These can allow you to make a quick breakfast for your family.

3. Daily Staples – Rice, flour, cooking oil, salt, sugar, whole, and ground spices and different kinds of dals or lentils are staples in an Indian kitchen, these have to be stocked in bulk, sometimes sufficient for several months.

4. Quick bites & beverages – Since India is a land of tea lovers, there is a regular supply of tea, coffee, and sugar that every home must-have. To go along with your tea/ coffee, it is important to have a stock of biscuits and namkeen.

A well laid out kitchen is as important as the item/ appliances it carries. Working in the kitchen should be fun and comforting. Thus, some people go with traditional articles like mortar pestle, grinding stone, kitchenwares, etc.and some go for modern appliances to get it done. So, it’s up to you, what you prefer the most.




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